Eddie and Erica García book signing – September 29, 2022

After spending nearly a decade of conducting personal interviews with family, friends, and healthcare professionals, researching medical records, and drafting countless manuscripts, the book was released in paperback and Kindle on June 7, 2022.


During the summer of 2010, faith, hope, and love brought life to the ICU. Summer in the Waiting Room is Eddie García’s true and inspiring story about how a near death experience, modern medicine, and faith in God converge to nourish one family’s optimism in hope. Eddie’s life resembles a roller coaster that’s defined by youthful promise, unfulfilled potential, temporary success, catastrophic illness, and spiritual awakening. After flunking out of college, he goes on a frenetic quest to vanquish failure demons and achieves short-lived vindication through college graduation and career accomplishments. A sudden heart attack and rare lung complication lead to a hopeless summer clinging to life in the ICU. In the end, he goes on a spiritual journey that leads to a remarkable recovery and long-lasting redemption. 

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